Advanced Search How-to

Stickstats has an advanced search feature you can use, to search via asset attributes in the form of filters. The filters take the form of filter_name:value.

Available filters:


Additionally, you can combine filters using parentheses (( and )) and the operators and, and or. Be careful using parentheses, as if you unbalance them, your query will fail and I cannot be bothered to write something to give you proper feedback on syntax errors.

Available combinators:

Some examples

(wep:atm or wep:lrm) and (equip:BAP or equip:bhp) and class:heavy and type:mech

Will search for all heavy mechs that have either atms or lrms (or both!) while also having either BAP or BHP (or both!).

fac:cl and (equip:GECM or equip:AECM) and tons:>35

Will search for all clan assets (including asf, vtol, tanks, and mechs) that have either GECM or AECM.

type:aerospace and wep:guided and class:medium

Will search for all medium aerospace with Bomb_LaserGuided.

wep:"AC10" and wep:"ppc"

Will search for an exact match for ac10 (case insensitive) and an exact match for ppc (case insensitive). Note that exact values must be in either the list of equipmnet or the list of weapons below, or it won't match anything.

Some values:

Some filters are only going to work with specific parameters.

These are approximate

Equipment (26)

Weapons (199)